Q-Gears Kft.
1141 Budapest, Álmos Vezér útja 5/b.
Tel: +36 30 378 6914

About us

QGears was founded in 2010 by experienced software engineers to apply their expertise in challenging projects. Nowadays, the company continues to grow rapidly, always looking for creative talent.

Over the years, our engineers have worked with a number of multi-national and hungarian clients. We have developed an extensive expertise portfolio, with highlights in software development for mobile devices, model-driven development, domain-specific modeling languages -- all centered around Eclipse technology. Nowadays, our most important research and product development interests include collaborative model driven development and 3D user interfaces.

Our company has very strong roots in research and development. Our experts have years of experience in EU-funded research projects, both in academia and industry. This has granted us the privilege of working with a wide range of partners across the entire European Union.

Looking at 2011 and beyond, our company is now developing its own technologies, in the form of open source projects and upcoming off-the-shelf products. We are currently involved in a large-scale product development project in the medical embedded devices domain, and are always looking forward to further broadening our professional portfolio with the help of our partners.


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Our experts have 5+ years of experience across a range of various software domains:

Mobile platforms
Web application



We are always looking for fresh new talent. If you feel like working with a team of young software engineers who enjoy to work closely together in innovative projects, contact us for the following open positions:

Eclipse developer

Sponsored projects

We believe in investing in the future through education. QGears sponsors a computer science faculty in local high school. As the result of co-operation with the Szent István High School, Budapest team an autonomous robot was built.

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